Friday, February 29, 2008

And Here We Go!

I have a deep need, as well as desire, to do things with my hands. And I love to learn new and exciting things. This has manifested itself over the years in various forms, from my days as a boy scout doing leatherworking or metalworking merit badges, through my chain mail making with friends for halloween costumes, all the way until I found myself working for Hardwood Artisans building custom hardwood furniture.

From time to time, I get to work on some very interesting furniture. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I hate the piece I’m working on, but I always enjoy figuring out how it will work. And recently I’ve had quite an interest in designing my own pieces.

My newest challenge. How do I create something that I’d actually like to have in my own home? While building furniture for the company is nice, I can think of very few of their designs that I’d want to own. So I’m scouring the internet, old woodworking book and magazines, looking for elements that I like. Reading articles on techniques, both for the professional as well as the hobbyist. Studying everything that Sam Maloof has ever done. I want to know it all. I want to become a master woodworker.

All that being said, I’ve carved out this little niche on the web. Mostly to share with friends and family who don’t otherwise get to see what I’m working on, as well as the opportunity to get my ideas in some tangible form. And while I may be talking to myself, or updating friends and family, I guess I’m also hoping that the total stranger will be able to appreciate what I create and maybe even benefit from it


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