Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Fist Power Tool

It has happened. I've purchased my first power tool. A lathe.

I got approval from the roommates, and the landlord. I've got a place to put it, albeit just on the back porch. What I need is a stand, as it is only a mid-sized lathe. As much as I would like a nice cast iron lathe stand, I'm not quite willing to spend the same for the stand as I did for the lathe.

I was toying with two ideas. Build a 8/4 birch base for it, or just slap some 2x4's together and call it good. As fortune has it, work has been re-building a section of the shop, and there are a bit of leftovers, enough for me to put a lathe stand together.

It's big, and stable. And all it needs now is the lathe. It should be here on Monday, and then I can start turning in the evenings and weekends without having to go into the shop. It should be nice.

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