Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Moccs

The new moccs arrived yesterday after months of anticipation. Scott, from Walking Liberty Moccasins, did a great job and exceeded my expectations/demands.

The welder's split turned out to be this nice neutral shade of gray instead of the horrific shade of construction boot mustard that I had resigned myself to when he said it came un-dyed. He artfully added the requested toe cap to minimize any added stiffness.

The only trouble is in the stiffness of the leather. This hide was stiffer than what he is used to working, but unfortunately all that was available. To counteract this, he has done his best to allow for the extra stiffness, Gooped up the soles (something he doesn't do anymore) so that I could try them out right away, and is even all prepared to hunt down a softer hide and remake them for me if they just don't work.

So, the breaking in period starts. Normally 3-4 days, but add a few more for the extra stiffness. And I suspect a few more for the added toe cap. I put them through their paces at the shop today, and they are already starting to work in. The toe area is definitely where the most work is needed, to allow my big toe its own wiggle room.

Since I wore them to the shop I got loads of comments. Everything from "ugly", to "must be hot", and even "those would be great hiking boots". Most people were surprised that they were custom made.

Granted, they look a bit silly with shorts, but as they soften I should be able to turn down the tops and "cuff" them into low-tops. And I have to say they aren't any hotter then my old pair of Doc's, but they sure do breath better. And even though they've got a bit to go before they break in all nice, my feet are already thanking for getting them out of those crummy old sneakers.

As much as I'd like to break them in all in one go, I'm pretty sure that's not the way to do it, so I think I'll give them (and my toes) tomorrow off and let them rest.

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you know it is a good thing I already fell in love with you.