Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mirror Stand

It's been a bit hectic at the shop since the Lemonade Social a month ago. With 2 sofa sets sold at the social, and another set the week following, I've been mostly working on those 11 pieces plus the 10 tables (coffee and end tables that is) that go along with them.

What did get a little overshadowed was a mirror stand, for which I was requested to craft. The lady whom I made the copper wall hanging/disc into a coffee table, had a mahogany mirror that she wanted a stand for. And since she enjoyed my table so much, and got to meet me then, she wanted me to make this as well.

Fluting on the 3 exposed sides of the post, with a finial, and our Chevel mirror stand foot, made a nice simple stand that looked very nice. And the little light colored area on the rear is my cherry plaque with my signature.

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