Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Linnaea Update

So, it's been a while since I've had the energy to sit down and blog something out. Not because things haven't been happening...just because.

On the work front, we are coming to a close on the 8 week project that has been the Linnaea seating. We are down to a coffee table, a pair of end tables, and one sofa. And they are getting pushed into another portion of the shop for the finishing touches...so I'm free.

Free to fix the sideboard/credenza. Last week, while I still had an assistant working on the couches, I commenced working on the sideboard. Unfortunately, as I found out while assembling all the parts, the AutoCAD drawing had 2 different top views. One showing the relationship of the case, top, and pedestal, and one showing the interior parts of the case, tambour door track and dividers.

The one I based my CNC program off of (the one showing the interior parts locations) was 1" less deep. The other was correct. So now the tambour doors will not cover and/or pocket correctly.

Fortunately the top and pedestal are correct and can be used, as well as not having the tambour yet so no waste there. But I do have to make a new case, with the updated measurements.

While I am at it, I'm also working on the chest of drawers, and the 6 drawer dresser. Those cases are going to be pretty straightforward; it's the drawers that are going to get us. Especially on the 6 drawer dresser, with bow front, and matching curved drawers. We'll have to figure out how to cut the curved face out of 8/4 lumber, plus how the 1 3/4" thickness on one side of the drawer but not the other affects the operation of the drawer. Exciting new engineering prospects.

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