Thursday, January 15, 2009

A lack of posts

Yeah, yeah. I've been lax of late. Not from lack of exciting things going on, but because of all the exciting things going on.

So, the new product development got put on hold. Mostly so I can go build the strange and custom things that our customers are actually paying for at the moment. These have been odd hall tables, kitchen islands, and whole room's worth of bookcases.

I did get a chance to build two Linnaea dining tables; one that a customer bought based on the drawings, and the second one to go off and be displayed at one of the showrooms.

Now I'm off and running on a kitchen built-in, bathroom vanities, and a stereo cabinet for another of our customers.

Soon, I'm told, they will re-direct my energies back toward the development of new products, and re-design of old products.

Mostly I popped in to write about the "launch" of my Etsy store. I've finally managed to finish three of my goblets, and had the good fortune to be directed towards Etsy. I've got some other things planned to go up on my store, little boxes and such, but I'm still working on finishing them.

So be patient, and check Etsy often for my new work

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