Monday, June 9, 2008

Couch Prototype

Most of what I've been working on, when I haven't been hiding from heat stroke, has been the prototype couch. The Mark I was entirely build from plywood, to get the basic dimensions and feel.

After getting the upholstery back, we had round 1 of sitting and adjusting, which consisted of 8 people sitting and giving their opinions, some more detailed than others, and concluded with the need for 2 more inches of back padding, more slender arms, and a seat pitch adjustment. Round 2 had 10 (maybe more) people getting grilled on the feel of the couch, and concluded with a need to drop the arm by 3/4", as well as the whole couch by 3/4".

Thursday I did a little AutoCAD drawing, trying to nail down the aesthetics, and tie it into the Mid-Century Line. My ideas seemed to be somewhat well received, which gives me some encouragement to this whole design thing.

Today, we started in on the Mark II. Solid wood, finalizing dimensions and construction methods (even though we are just screwing this one together, we are thinking of how the "real" versions will be put together), and getting ready to sculpt.

The Mark I with uphostery, Mark II waiting for upholstery.

I've also finally gotten around to photographing the cubes
Cherry by itself, and the scrap box stacked atop the cherry.

and the sink stand lacquered and with chrome bars attached.

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