Monday, September 22, 2008

Case Goods

We have a sideboard. Complete. The photo was taken just prior to installing the filler strips (to hide where the tambour turns the corner) and before the handles arrived.

As with all firsts, we found a few things that we'd like to change. The pedestal skirts are hidden by the mass of the case, so it just looks like spindly legs coming out of nowhere. So round two will see a slightly enlarged pedestal with a curving front skirt to match the curve on the case front.

The tambours open to reveal on one side a set of three habadasher drawers, and on the other an adjustable shelf.

Then we have the dresser and the chest to work on. The cases have already been assembled, blades installed, and the chest even has had the sliding doors and jewelry drawer made and fitted.

The sliding doors on the top level of the chest, each hide the outer sections when closed, revealing a pullout jewelry drawer, and they slide together to cover the center section.

Today I was revamping the pedestals for these two, while tomorrow will bring the start of making the 8/4 panels for the drawer faces. Then we'll have to decide to best way to shape them.


Unknown said...

thank you mr boy

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