Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Blanks of Spoons

I spent the evening drawing out spoon shapes on scraps of wood. The set of spoon blanks I had cut out last summer (when I started this "project") have seemed too big lately. A few of the smaller spoons have made nice short afternoon projects, and I was longing for more.

Besides having less wood to cut and shape, they also fit better in my hand, and feel as though they will be more useful than their giant cousins.

So, I started in on one of my boxes of scraps that I take home from work. Freehanding how I think a spoon should look and feel, which I will just use as a guideline. If I change my mind in the middle of bandsawing them out tomorrow, so be it. And when I actually put knife to wood, anything can happen.

I still have so many scraps that I'll turn into spoons (I can't quite bear to throw out such pretty pieces of wood), but tonight was a start. Pretty soon I'll have boxes of rough spoons ready to be carved, and inevitably other boxes filled with spoons waiting to be drawn. But such is my relationship with the wood.

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