Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pictures, as promised

The foot is pretty much ready. I might take off some more material from the belly of this beast, but only to cut down on weight. The first photo is the broader/flatter side, which is the side towards which it wants to tilt. I'll have to offset the top away from that side in order to help with its balance.

The trunk side is fairly level (surprisingly) but that may just be where its sitting on the patio.

The next step, to reduce weight and speed drying time, is to hollow out the trunk. As well as contemplate how I'm going to attach the top. My best guess at the moment will be a plywood subtop attached down to the stump, but overhanging enough to leave attachment points up into the actual top.

And in the coming months, I'll have to decide on a basic shape for the top. I'm definitely thinking not traditional (round or rectangular). Fan-shaped perhaps. Maybe teardrop or crescent.

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