Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wait for it

For my next trick in this technologically advanced society, I will create a website, start a company, and take over the world with my whimsical creations.

I now have a domain and webhost. I have started my web design. The whimsical creation have been an ongoing project, but I'm now looking at getting my own lathe. The company will come, after I've had time to study up on the Articles of Incorporation (or break down and go have a chat with a lawyer). The hardest part, at this very moment, is designing the logo. Second on the list would be trying to come up with content for the website.

So, when I manage to get a logo I'm happy with, and spend enough time on the website for it to actually say something, I'll be "launching".

Consider this fair warning that things may get funky in the near future. Thankyou, that is all.

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