Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stone top table base

As a distraction from the evil sleigh beds, I've had a custom table base to work on. Which is good. Yesterday I was unable to work on the machines I needed to to complete the bed. Today I had a trying morning of troublesome plumbing at home, and more problems getting to machines for the bed. So that lead back to finishing up the table base.

To carry the 500+ lb 72"x42" stone top, the base was specced out at 1 3/4" thick. Two slabs for each 'leg', center half-lapped stretchers, with top braces all lead to the support and stability needed.

A plywood sub-top lends even more stability. So here it is 'assembled'. But that was only to get everything lined up. This base is getting a 'shot' finish. Lacquer. First it will get colored. The uprights and the sub-top will be ebonized. The horizontals will get a medium brown 'cherry' color.

After the first color coat, I'll get them back to assemble them for real. They will need a little touch-up color before they get their final topcoat.

Look for more pictures, toward the end of next week, when I get the colored pieces together.

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