Monday, April 21, 2008

Baptismal Stand

When a Presbyterian Church in NW DC wants a Baptismal Stand built to fit in with their Stickley furniture (apparently), they come to us.

I heard about it as it came into the shop a few weeks ago, and it came to me last week. Since it is for a church, Mark has been dealing with a committee, with all that entails. His only guidelines were: he wanted to double check my template for the legs before I cut them, and just to "make it perfect".

Structurally it has a lot in common with the copper coffee table I build in February. Cross braces under the top and shelf, outer skirts at the top for extra rigidity and style. The unique parts are the 1 5/8" thick octagonal top, and 1 1/2" thick octagonal shelf. The top is also getting a route to center and stabilize the bowl.

I spent some time in the computer room programing out the CNC to cut out the top and shelf, which is interesting work. Since I don't do programing often, I'm going to have one of the regular programing guys double check my work.

I'm finding that the center route for the bowl to be the hardest part to the whole process. I imagined that it would be some sort of ceramic bowl with a foot that would be easily measured and duplicated in the top. However, it is a swirly glass bowl without a foot, so I get to play the guess and check game until we find the diameter and depth of the route that match the contour of the bowl bottom.

Pictures thus far:

Before and after the upper skirts were attached

the bowl, and lower arched braces detail

Tomorrow we get the route figured out, then cut out the top and shelf. Then after it gets stained and shot, I'll have another round of photos.

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Alison Burtt said...

Let's have Lois get a shot of this one too--remind me? I'll see if Mark can get the church to give us permission to shoot it in context.