Monday, April 7, 2008

Chainmaille Weekend

I've had a busy/productive weekend of chainmaille. I've figured out that the oven doesn't get hot enough to heat oxidize titanium, even 3" from the broiler for ~1 hour. So propane torch is the way to go.

I've also spent some time with my design consultant (Kelley) picking through various jewelry making paraphernalia to expand my jewelry niche. They will eventually make it up onto the chain jewelry page of the website, when I have a bit of time to crop, and resize, and make thumbnails, and descriptions...all fun back end web stuff. As always, click on the image to get a larger, more detailed photo.

The first pair. Green, violet, and dark blue/purple mobius balls looped together with oval links. Simple, highly customizable earrings.

Here we have mobius balls with a dangle pendant that I really like.

Mobius balls with iridescent crystal. I like the mobius ball. There are two versions. One where pairs of rings (3 pairs usually) intersect with the other pairs, the other where 5 or 6 rings (depending on the density of the ball) intersect every other ring.

These are a variation on the byzantine weave, which I haven't had any experience with. And yes, I do like these crystals too. The iridescence lets them match well to a variety of titanium's colors, and I just like the small and simple teardrop shape.

The byzantine without the crystal, in the bronze shade of anodized ti.

Mobius ball on ear threaders.

A flat heart I made for Kelley the first time I had titanium. Would make a good pendant for the right chain.

A green double twist/spiral bracelet, this time with a bar and loop clasp

Ok, there may be a couple more that I worked on, I told you I was busy, but they will have to wait for the website. The nice thing about earrings like these, is that it they aren't very labor intensive, once you have the wire turned into rings.

The only thing left to do, according to Kelley, is learn that some people like larger earrings. I like the small simple stuff, and am hesitant to use bigger crystals, or even some interesting pewter pendants that we saw, on earrings.

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Alison Burtt said...

I'll wear my trees tomorrow and you can see how big some people like their earrings.