Thursday, April 3, 2008

Musing in Titanium

While a headpiece for Kelley was high on the titanium list, and I have started it, it is still far from completion. Instead I've been spending a little time making bracelets, which seem to be my primary trick.

Two rainbow bracelets made with the anodized titanium.

I've also tried my hand at heat oxidation. With a few leftover cinder blocks, and a random square of concrete out in the backyard I've stacked up a little 'forge' area. Add to that a propane torch, and you've got a recipe for some good heat oxidation.

The colors have dulled a little bit from when I was heating them, but it was very easy to accomplish. The colors appeared in very short time, and the side closest to the flame colored differently than the side further away.

I think my next heat experiment will be in an oven, and see what kind of color distribution we can get

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Unknown said...

I noticed you told me to read the post about you playing with propane torches right before you went to bed so I couldn't yell at you for being crazy. Have fun but if you get hurt I will be very angry.