Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Goblets

I spent a few hours this morning making some new goblets. I think I've finally gotten down a good technique and routine for goblets.

First I'm getting the hang of using the hollowing tool. I also found the tailstock chuck, so I can use a drill bit to remove a good chunk from the inside, as well as hit the depth I like.

I've also gone from completely turning the outside, stem and all, first, to shaping the cup, defining where the stem should start and stop, doing the inside, and then coming back to finish the stem. This leaves a lot more wood for stability while turning the inside, and I don't have to use the bearings to steady the goblet anymore. Which means I don't have to worry about creating windows in my cups, like here.

So, here they are. A slender mahogany cup, with added maple foot, that holds around 6 oz. And a nice little solid maple cup that holds around 5 oz.

Next step is the exopy resin coating, and a month for curing. While those are curing, I can figure out my next project, a commissioned mahogany coffee cup with handle. Its the handle that is going to be tricky.

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